When copying a page the variables and triggers don't copy

I’ve built a page in my course for a case study. It contains lots of triggers and variables to customise the content based on user selections. I have two further case studies to create so have copied the page, however the variables and triggers don’t copy, so now I have to recreate them all, which is tedious and time consuming. Is there any way to copy them along with the page content?

Perhaps, you can consider duplicating the course. I always do that and then change the content at the article, block level.

Thanks for the suggestion Punam.
Unfortunately that doesn’t work either.
There are 3 case studies in the course so I set up all the triggers and variables in the first one and copied the page to use as a template for the other two. However, it only copies the content. I’ve tried duplicating the course and then copying that page across to the original course, but it still brings only the content across, and not the triggers and variables.
In the future I will stick to using Evolve for basic content only.