How do I combine courses?

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I have several courses which I want to combine into one course. Can I only do this via the ‘paste’ function or is there a way to import a course so that it combines with another?

Your insight is greatly appreciated!

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I usually use the ‘Paste’ component to combine courses. However, if your course uses logic, then you need to be careful as triggers and variables do not get copied.

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Punam is correct - you cannot combine courses but you can copy whole pages across. if you go to the Course Builder and click the Paste button, top right, you can then use the search options to select “All Courses” as seen in the image below and then search on the name of your course. Then hide the search options to see all available pages. From there you can paste the pages from the searched for course into the open course.

It would be worth opening and working from inside the one with the most pages so you have less to copy!

Thank you @hbailey and @Punam. I can see how to copy components, articles and blocks, from ‘all courses’, but not entire pages. Are you able to step me through this?


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You need to be on the Course Builder Page when you use the Paste button - where your course outline is - as below. If you are on the Page Builder you will see Articles Blocks and Components only.

OMGOSH @hbailey - there’s a light bulb moment! Thank you!

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Most welcome! We also have a Knowledge Base article on this: Copy & Paste Course Content : Intellum

Can you advise if copying and pasting from one course to another is possible in Evolve 10? I cannot find how to do this in the new version -thanks

Hi @resourcily, You can copy+paste by adding a new block, selecting “More” and selecting the Paste tab.

When you go to the Paste option, select the filter icon and there is a Location dropdown that allows you to select “All Courses” to locate specific pages, articles, blocks, or components from other courses. I hope this helps!


Thank you so much @ksnelson - :grin:

That’s perfect!