Copy from one course to another

Hi guys, is it possible to copy an article, block or component from one course to another?



Yes it is.

  • in Page Builder view, click the Paste button
  • select Components, Blocks or Articles tab to search what you are looking for
  • enter the title of the item you are looking for in the search box
  • expand the Search Components drop-down field
  • from Location, select All Courses

This should do it.

If you’re pasting a Block or a Component, create an Article first to be able to drop the items in the right place. If you are pasting an Article, you can skip this step.


Thank you so much @agorgon, I thought I’d done it before :+1:

Thanks for this. Would there be a reason why I can’t see any elements outside of the current page?
Is there a course setting I need to adjust to allow copying between pages inside my course.

e.g. 5 pages in course, 3 articles in this page but can only see option to paste page-related articles.

Hello @Gealach

Check the Location drop-down to see if you are only “looking” within the Current Page. If so, you can adjust this to Current Course, Course Versions or All Courses.

Access this menu by clicking the arrow in the Search Components box.



Thanks so much for the reply. I didn’t even know that arrow in the search gave the filter options so that’s done the trick. Thanks again!

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Hey Gary!

Check out the Tips and Tricks Guide on the Hub if you haven’t already - it has some great searching tips in it :slight_smile:

Thanks Helen, a little overeagerness betraying my extreme newbie status here :grinning:

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Not at all! That’s what we are here for and we love eagerness :slight_smile:

I can not find this functionality (paste from another course) with the new editor though

Click the + icon at the top of the page builder and the Components list will pop out from the right. At the top of it, there are two tabs - Components and Paste. Switch to Paste and then do your selecting and pasting from there :slight_smile:

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I had not seen the arrow where I could reach the parameters to put on ‘all courses’ . It is fixed now, thank you

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For more on search and other cool tricks - check out the Tips and Tricks document on the Evole Hub