Copying / reusing content in other courses

Is it possible to reuse content and copy content between courses?


You can paste content from other courses in the course and page builder. There is a blue paste button in the top right of these screens.

If this is possible then I don’t get how I should do it. Is there a video that shows how I can paste it in another course? When I move to another course, I could just copy stuff in the newly selected course and cannot paste anything from the previously selected elements.

Just worked this out. It’s a bit tricky to find.

When you click the paste button, by default it only shows you content in current course.

But if you click the the down arrow at the far right of the search box you can select content to show from all courses.


Thanks so much! I would have never found that.

Thanks, @joewickert, that tip about the down arrow was the trick for me as well.
I now also better understand why tags are important!
Sometimes these small gotchas can drive a person crazy but your feedback was a lifesaver.

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Naming all of your Articles, Blocks, and Components is also a huge help when using the Paste tool.

For example, most of our courses are in a Section > Unit > Module hierarchy, so we would put numbers in to identify what module we are in. For Section 4 > Unit 2 > Module 1, a Text Component Title might take the form of:


This would also help with navigating around the Page Builder itself as you would know exactly where the component you need to edit is.

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