Moving articles between pages


I’m currently building a course for a client and they have requested that we move a lot of articles from one page to another. Is there a way of moving individual articles between pages, so that I can avoid having to rebuild each article in the new location?


Hi Abs,
That’s super easy. Use Paste. It’s just under Live Preview - top right hand side. Then use the filter that pops up to find the Article you want to copy to the new location. To do that change the option from Current Page to Current Course, change the search to Article (it might be on Block or Component). Just make sure your Articles have unique names so you can tell which is the one you want to paste.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response. I’ve just tried this method, but I have less options available to me when I select “paste”, For example, I don’t see the 3 tabs across the top. Instead I see this:

I have an authoring account so though it may be a permissions issue. However, my colleague who has an admin account sees the same as me. Is there another account type needed to access the same paste options as you?


Im having exactly the same issue as Abs and get the same limited options. It would be great to really get this feature enabled.

Looks like you are clicking paste at the page editing level. Click on “Build Page” for the page you want to paste the content into. Then click “Paste”. You’ll then see the options for Articles, Components and Blocks. Remember to use the dropdown to filter from current page to the current course.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply. Ive clicked on ‘build page’ and then clicked paste and I get this screen - am I missing something?

Thanks Andy, it’s working for me now. John, in your screenshot above, you just need to click on the down arrow to expand the “search components” bar. This gives you the full range of options:

Ahhhh… fantastic thank you both. That makes life sooooo much easier.

Hi, I am wondering if you paste from one course to another do the changes you make it the new course effect the old course as well? I seemed to have changed an image in a new course but it made changes in the other course I took it from.

Hi Shelly,

I know this is old but I wanted to answer your question.

Pasted items don’t get affected by changes in the original or vice versa (so if I duplicate an accordion from one course to another they are independent of each other - and if I duplicate a graphic and then replace the graphic just within the component for a totally new one, then again the original does not changes) . However all images share the asset library so if you update an instance of an image in the library then it will roll out to all locations where you have linked to that image from the library.

I hope that makes sense.