What can I do if I accidentally delete an item from my course?

If you delete something like a component, block, article or page from your course we’re not able to retrieve it.

However we do have some recommendations for ensuring you can avoid losing content if you do accidentally delete something.


We recommend using the versions functionality to regularly create new versions of a course before you intend to make any changes.

This is a manual process, but there is also an automatic option for course versioning.

You can create a course version by clicking on the Versions icon in yoru course builder.

Next, click either the Course Versions or Language Versions tab, then click to create a version. For language versions there is a link to the documentation at the top of the screen.


If you’re not sure whether a particular article or page works within your course rather than deleting it, you can untick the checkbox shown below to remove the content from your live preview and published course.

PLEASE NOTE: Hiding content using the eye icon does not remove it from the course. If you hide content but do not use Logic to reveal it, your course may not complete when published to your LMS !
Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 10.05.35

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Thank you for this update. I frequently keep making version outside the course by renaming them, but this is more feasible solution :slight_smile:.