Using course as a test with timer

Hi there,

I hope you can help me to find a solution. I have actually two questions, but the topic is similar.

I want to use a course as a test/quiz. It includes questions, which must be completed in a certain time. If the time is over, all completed (and not completed) questions need to be evaluated. If the user completes all questions before the time is over, the user should be able to click on a button. The button should trigger, that the test is over and the results show up.

Let’s say there are 20 questions and each question has a different score. Is there an easy way to assign different points to each question? Easy way means: no variables, because we have a lot of different tests and setting up each test by changing the variables would be time-consuming (as far as i can tell).

What I did until I was completely helpless :smiley:

I created a new course and enabled the Course Assessment Extension. I added an article with an introduction (text) first. Below that introduction is a button. I used the logic-section to setup, what happens, if you click on the button: It will show up a hidden article with all the questions for the test. That works fine. I can even adjust, that after - let’s say - 30 minutes (1800000 ms) the article dissappears. But I can’t find a way, to tell the system, that all questions (Blocks or elements in the article) are completed and should be evaluated.

I uploaded my course (.zip) and a .pdf with screenshots from the logic-section here:

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Hi Lars,

The Game component has a built-in timer. You can set it to allow X number of seconds per question. The game uses 5 question types.

  1. True or false
  2. Multiple choice questions with one correct option
  3. Ordering - select the items in the correct order, works best with 4 items
  4. Picture multiple choice question - shows a single image with questions about the image
  5. Card drop - drop one or more cards into a choice of 2 drop zones

You can have as many questions as you want and set up rounds of questions. I’m unaware of any other way to add a timer element to do what you want.


Hi Andy,

okay, when I wrote this topic down I wasn’t thinking about using the game component. It’s worth checking it out. However it will not include all types of questions and I’m curious, if it works with the assessment extension, but I’ll find out. Thanks for the response, I will let you know, if that’s what I need.

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Hi Andy,

I tried it out, but it’s not what we need. I can only set a timer per round, not for the whole test/game. There are also some limitations, like only 4 decisions for “Multiple Choice”. Additionally sometimes we have more than one correct answer.

Actually we want to create an audit situation/ exam in Evolve. First our customers are learning the content and at the end they have to perform a test. Our job is to check, if there are knowledge gaps. The selection of questions and the capability of using the assessment extension are both a good fundamental requirement Evolve fulfills. Now all we need is more control :smiley:

Best regards