Using Logic and Learner Variables to determine what parts of a lesson are seen

I have a bit of a complicated question… Is there a way to use Logic and User Variables to determine which portions of a lessons someone can see. I have lesson that I would like one group of associates to see the full lesson. The other group of associates would see a pre-assessment FIRST and if they answer all question correctly they would then see a completion page. If they answer a question wrong then they would need to complete the entire lesson. Is something like that possible? We use Evolve in conjunction with the Intellum Platform and the two groups mentioned are placed in 2 separate enrollment groups. I am just now beginning to play around with it but thought that perhaps someone might have some tips they would want to share.

Hello there!

Yes there sure is, especially when working with the Intellum Platform.

Create your pre-test in an article(s) and hide them.

Create a variable for the learner’s group.
Go to Course Settings > Learner and turn on “Save Exceed User Data to Variables”
Under “Exceed User Data Properties” - Add a User Data Property
In the settings, you will need to either pick a General (existing) user field, or switch to Custom User Field if you’re using one of the platform’s custom fields. Select the property, then your variable, and you’re done.

Now, you can use logic condition “Variable changed” that says:
If {my group variable} says"group a" then do the following

For the reveal, you will have hidden the pre-test article(s) using Hidden, and then if they are in the group mentioned, you can SHOW hidden article - and choose those articles to reveal, otherwise, they don’t get to see them at all.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much for the tip!! @hbailey you are amazing! :slight_smile:

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