Triggers and logic

Can someone help please, on my first page I have two options where you select your role (either a line manager or non line manager) - so I need two routes of the e-learn. How do I do this?

Hi Alex,

So first you need to set up 2 different pages - one with your LM content and one for NLM content, then you will need to HIDE those pages.

Next, for using your user selection option (is it an MCQ or a pair of buttons?) you need to set up a logic trigger that says IF the option chosen is {this one} then UNHIDE the {relevant page} and then NAVIGATE to it.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks so much for replying! This if my first time using evolve and no one else in the team has used it as our account was set up my a previous team member.

So I have different pages set up. The last page is just for line managers but I can’t seem to get the variables right.

For the user selector it’s a radio group. Can I still set up a variable from that?

Many thanks

Yep you sure can -

Or, as Radio group uses variables, you could use the event “Variables Changed” and then select the variable you set within your Radio group.

Either will get you the same outcome.

Hi Helen,

Amazing, so that has fixed my issues of not being able to see the pages on the footer. But, the line manager page is still not showing if you click on the role that you are a line manager.

Are you setting it to Unhide (show) when the trigger is triggered?

In triggers I have a line manager one that is set to show all hidden pages (6) and in the non line manager trigger I have show hidden pages and then just included the first 5 but for some reason I’m seeing all 6 pages no matter what option is chosen in the radio group on the first page
line manager

Hi there, if you want to DM a link to the course we can take a look and try to diagnose what the issue is.

Hi Sam, Josh Perez in the Help Desk team has helped me out with this now! Thanks for reaching out though!

Is there a way to have an option to close the course after completion or a completion message at the end of the last page?

Hi @williams_al , there’s a couple of different ways to do it, but it depends how your course is set to complete. Are you using the Course Attainment or Course Assessment extensions? Or is it set to Logic Completion?