Undeletable character bug


Occasionally I find that I cannot delete the first character typed into a title field (e.g., in a block title or a component title).

Example below is for a block title. I accidentally typed in that W before I typed the title. Then when I hold down the delete key, all the text except the W disappears. I cannot delete it.


I’ve had this several times before, and the only way to fix it is to come out of Evolve entirely, then log back in, and then I can delete it.

Anyone else noticed this behaviour?


Hi @daveyboond , you are right in that this is definitely happening. This is actually not a bug - but the way Evolve works means the title field of a page/article/block/component has to have at least one character present in the title field. There are technical reasons for this, so that’s why you can’t delete the last character. Apologies I can’t give you a more technical explanation, one of our developers could provide more comprehensive reasoning of why it has to be set up like this.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks, that’s helpful as it means all I have to do is type in another character, then go back and delete the unwanted one. That seems to work OK!


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You can also just select all the text in the field and overtype it


Also, if you don’t want anything to appear in that field, you can select the exisiting text and overwrite it with a space.

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I have also noticed this behaviour, but I have found that if I type the rest of the title, then cursor back I can delete that first character

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