Text not generating correctly

Hi all,

Im using a font available in evolve called ‘Epilogue’

Whn I place text into the body of a component, its missing the bottom of the g’s. See image.

Its not doing this for some component elements, text in an action button for example doesnt have this issue.

Anyone experienced this?

many thanks

Hi Craig, what happens if you increase the line-height?

I haven’t seen this issue before, but increasing the line-height in the theme might help.


Yeah I thought maybe it was a fancy font “thing” :slight_smile: But try what Barry suggests and let us know.

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Thanks Barry and Helen,

I tried the line spacing when it first happened but no change unfortunately.

I’ll maybe just go with a similar font, using that one isn’t essential thankfully!

Thanks Helen, replied to both you and Barry below. You might be able to help me with this issue as well.

Does Evolve have issues with Variable fonts?

Ooh not that I know of - but it could be that. Although if you can’t upload the file to transfonter or fontie then it may be the font file to blame, not Evolve.

Can you message me the font file?

Hi @craigsteveid the Epilogue font is displaying fine for me:

Tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari for macOS.

These are the settings that are being used for it