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Hey folks.
I’m very new to Evolve authoring and I’m attempting to migrate an HTML document I have into a shiny new Evolve course.

Upon copying and pasting into a [body] box, I started to notice that Evolve was interpreting much of the basic HTML tags present within my original document.

For example, ordered list items were gaining a number to start at.
Where was in the source, it was automatically applying it (as bold) in the box.
The same for and italics.
Even monospace fonts samples in the source were retaining the tags.

While Bold and Italics have their own button, the monospace font does not. In addition, the ability to alter my list numbering has been great within my flow component, as I use one step per reveal but want to retain the indent level on subsequent lines.

So my query is; if this level of basic HTML structure tagging is available for use within Evolve, where are the buttons/options in the UI to achieve the same result?

I find it hard to believe the only way to achieve a monospace font or start my ordered list item numbering is to build an HTML page first, then copy and paste the items into Evolve!
In addition, when a review comes along and needs to make changes, it’s going to be a world of pain trying to explain this to them!

Am I missing some setting or other to enable these essential features or is there some interesting markup codes I should be aware of to achieve the same result?

Many thanks.


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And oh the irony that my question got formatting so strangely!!

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