Evolve tables - is there a better way of adding them?


I have some large tables that I would like to add to Evolve. My biggest issue with tables in Evolve is that you cannot style the whole table in one go. You have to select one cell at a time, highlight the data and then change the font size. This is going to take me ages :frowning:

Can anyone suggest another way of doing it?

I was thinking iFrames but this would not work for all component types. So I may need to change the screen types.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried the table within the text editor of a normal text component? Check the icons in the editor one let’s you add a table in. Does that do what you need?


Hi Helen,

That’s the table type I tend to use.

As it’s a lot of data I’d like to be able to reduce the font size to be 14pt while the body text is 19pt.

Is there a way to style the whole table at once or does it have be cell by cell?

Many thanks,


When I select the whole table, the option to change the font size is greyed out.

Oh, so it is - sorry I hadn’t tried it before.

OK so you could either use an article style on the article/block/component containing your table to up the font size OR try using the actual Table Component - see if that does what you want?

Recently, I had a similar situation. Hence, I created the entire table in a Word document, copied it, and pasted it in Evolve. While pasting it, I chose the ‘Keep’ option. This ensured that the formatting was maintained even after the table was pasted in Evolve. I had used the text component.

Hi Punam,

Thank you for your suggestion. I had not thought of that.

I wonder how accessible they are though? I will try it out and test it.

For my current project, we have decided to provide the spreadsheets as downloadable resources and then use screenshots with descriptive ALT text. If need be the screenreader user can download the Excell sheets and get all of the data from there.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Barry,

They are accessible, because they are still text. The only thing is we override the Evolve format, and stick with the format we’ve used in Word.

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