Unwanted table created when pasting text from Word

I’ve noticed a slightly annoying change to the paste functionality in Evolve.

When I copy text from inside a table in Word, and paste in into Evolve (using the ‘Clean’ option), Evolve now creates a table around the pasted content, like this:

Note that I haven’t copied the table, or even the table cell, from Word, just some text that happens to be inside a table cell. Unfortunately, all of my text is in a storyboard template that uses tables!

I am 99% sure that Evolve didn’t behave this way until recently.

It’s especially weird because if I paste the same text onto a blank page in Word, it doesn’t put it into a table. Word knows that I didn’t copy the table, but Evolve doesn’t!

Anyone else noticed this? Or found a workaround?

It’s probably down to Word having updated its formatting styles to the point where the ‘paste clean’ function can no longer reliably remove them.

Some things you can try:

  • Selecting all the text in the Evolve text editor (ideally by clicking into then select CTRL/CMD + A so you can be sure you’re getting all of it) then clicking the ‘Clear Formatting’ button
  • Paste into Evolve by using the browser’s ‘Paste and match style’ option. Depending on your browser this may be in the Edit menu or the Context Menu (and is called ‘Paste without Formatting’ in Firefox)
  • Pasting the text into Notepad/TextEdit first to remove any formatting

Thanks Matt - it didn’t occur to me that the change would be on the Microsoft side but that makes sense.

I’ve been mostly pasting without formatting as you suggest, just a bit annoying when I want to preserve emphasis and links.