Disable Word Paste Detection

Hi there,

i could not find any topic about this in the forum (which ist strange), but is it possible to disable the Word Paste Detection?

If you don’t know, what I mean: I copy the text of a word document and paste it into the Text Body of a Text-Component (for example) . Everytime i paste it, a window appears saying “The pasted content is coming from a Microsoft Word document. Do you want to keep the format or clean it up?” The message appears every single time I paste text from Microsoft Word. First I thought it’s a nice feature, but actually it’s a time-waster.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Lars,

As this is a third-party editor it’s not something we can easily change, but you can try this:

When you have copied your text from word, right click on the text box you want to paste into and instead of just Paste, choose “Paste and Match Style” (or the PC equivalent - I’m on a Mac). I believe you can also use Ctrl-Shift-V (Cmd shift v on a Mac) as a shortcut. That might hopefully stop it happening?


thank you, Ctrl-Shift-V works! Unfortunately it’s plain text in this case. It won’t paste text in different styles, such as bold or italic. However it’s a good workaround.

I copy and paste off of Google Docs and this does not happen to me. Perhaps another work around you might try is pasting your entire document into Google Docs and then working from there? Not sure if this would help at all in your case but i figured I would mention it just in case it could save you some time in the long run!

A great tip Samantha!

Thanks, Samantha. I tried it out and it is the same as the Ctrl-Shift-V solution.

The real problem isn’t solved - still the best way would be, if Evolve would paste the formatted/styled text (bold etc.), but without showing up the message.

I have to thank you both for your help, I appreciate that!