Phantom buttons

When copy and pasting text from a review comment into the text editor on pretty much any component, a phantom button can appear. There’s no indication it’s there until you preview the course. You can then get rid of it by hitting delete a few times in the editor just before the point it appears in the preview.

I would guess it’s copying the formatting from the ‘reply’ button that’s in the comment, even though the reply button itself isn’t highlighted when copying text out of the comment.

It would be nice if this didn’t happen!

Hi – just curious, because I copy comment text to include in my content quite frequently. Are you selecting the whole comment (Ctrl-A) or just a portion of the text? (You can certainly paste to Notepad or another text editor to be sure, though it’s an extra step)

@Ruppers That’s a weird one! I will look into it.

Thanks Sam,

Using Chrome on MacOS in case that’s relevant. I’ll DM you a screengrab.

@Martin I’m actually just selecting a portion of the text in the relevant comment. As you say, there are workarounds to strip the formatting, they just become a bit painful if there are a lot of comments!

You can use the ‘paste and match style’ shortcut to remove any HTML formatting when pasting… on macOS it’s cmd-shift-v, on Windows it’s ctrl-shift-v.