CAPTURE - Some observations/questions

1. ISSUE My marking does not seem to be working. I have the word “grants” as the text it should equal, I type the word “grants” in the text input in live preview mode but it marks it as wrong. Any idea why? - sorted with help from Customer support team

  1. ISSUE There is a double scroll bar effect going on in my screen. It’s not on my screen image so why does it appear? The outer one is the real scrollbars but the inner one is greyed out and does nothing.

  2. REQUEST I have a text box in my website where as you type it makes suggestions appear in a box below the text area - is it possible to recreate this in CAPTURE?

  3. ISSUE/REQUEST Is it possible to float the interaction in the centre of the screen? My screen image is floating to the left and it looks bad as the instructions are centred in the browser!

  4. ISSUE The text that you see in the screen builder for text links and the text that you see in the live version look very different - i have to set the font size as a guess based on the preview, not what I see in the builder

  5. ISSUE Adding a pixel to an element’s width using the ^ and V buttons sometimes concatenates a 1 not adds 1, so a width of 20 becomes 201 then 2011 then 20111!

  6. REQUEST It would be great to be able to copy the same style to each state within an element - say I have a plain grey box that is plain and grey through every state, would be good to have “copy from” as an option for each style so you can quickly copy all settings from the default state across to hovered, focused etc…

  7. QUERY Can we only change the font style of input boxes etc in the theme for the course? It doesn’t seem to let me change the font style of a Text Area or text input individually, only the size, therefore I had to set a new theme on the course and set all the available fonts to Verdana as I didn’t know which font in the list referred to which part of the course.

  8. QUERY Why do we have a Width, Max width and Min Width for the elements when they are not responsive? What is the significance of these?

  9. QUERY Similarly - what is “Box sizing” - inherit, contect box etc?

  10. ISSUE I seem to be getting a purple box around my text area that I don’t want -

  1. REQUEST Can we have the option to provide some feedback if the user selects/deselects a checkbox.

  2. ISSUE The alignment of checkboxes with their labels seems to be fixed and isn’t being affected by padding. My label is aligned slightly lower than my checkbox at the moment and despite changing the padding, height of the box etc it seems to stay resolutely just a few pixels too low on the screen. It’s because the top of the label is aligned with the top of the checkbox, and you can’t set an alignment, or use a minus number for the padding to move it up. Could I request that you set it to vertical-align:middle, or at least offer that as an option?

Hi there,

I have a few answers for these;

  1. Unfortunately this isn’t something that’s possible in Capture currently, we will note this and consider for inclusion in the context of our wider product development.
  2. The interactions will always display in the centre of the browser screen. The closest way to achieve this is to take a higher resolution image and to ensure the correct pixel width for the screen is set in the Behaviour tab so that the image fills the entirety of the screen.
    It’s worth remembering too that this may not solve the issue for all screens though as it depends on the screen size someone is using.
    Also worth noting - once you change the screen size in the Behaviour tab it will affect the placement of any elements in the screen builder.
  3. The screen builder currently doesn’t apply the course themes for font etc so will only be visible once in live preview.
  4. Great idea! Unfortunately as we can’t do this at the moment I would recommend creating an element, naming it something like ‘grey box white outline’ that you can then re use by typing the name into the add element field.
  5. With changing the font style for elements that don’t have the font selector in the styling the font style pulls through from the font set in the theme for Course > Body Text Styles.


Hi there!
The element and hint alignment need some work, not sure if it’s a bug or something, but they are so off!! I have to spend a ridiculous amount of time to nudging them to the correct locations. Look at the image attached, you’ll see what i’m talking about. Any suggestions? I have at least 10 simulations to work on, and each has 10-20 screens. I can’t spend my time adjusting, previewing, and then adjusting some more until the elements are perfectly placed.

FYI, the image size i’m using is 1920x1080. Previously, I tried smaller image sizes like 1024 and 1440px but got the same results.

I appreciate your help! Thank you and be well.