How do you add keyboard actions / track input for the Capture Component?


I’m having a difficult time with the capture component.

I am trying to have the user type a correct URL in a text area element and if the URL is correct, when they press ENTER/RETURN on their keyboard, it should proceed to the next screen.

This Evolve video talks about the same kind of scenario with inputs but I have no clue where to look:

Which element should I select?


EDIT I was using the wrong element - instead of Text Area I should have used Text.

Please improve your documentation as these are super confusing and I’ve lost hours trying to get this to work :slight_smile:

@sbfb I’m glad you found a solution. That video you reference is over a year old (we’re taking it down) and so is likely not current.

We are currently writing a full Evolve manual and are also working to increase the ‘in tool’ support available. The Capture component itself has just had some new features added to it and we’re always working to improve usability.

A more recent Capture video can be seen here:

Evolve 4.9 (released 14.09.18) adds the following features to Capture:

  • Added ability to display a progress bar
  • Can now set a score by the current attempt
  • Setting a screen timer is now possible

Thank you.

Thank you for the update - I eagerly await your manual and in-tool support :slight_smile:

Best wishes.

@sbfb no problem at all. Have you also had a look at the courses on - they are free to use and cover many Evolve topics.

Thank you.