Do you use the Capture component? We'd like your feedback

If you use the Capture component we’d love to hear from you. We’re currently doing some usabilty work on it and would like to speak to any users who’ve tried the Capture component.

Email support from inside your Evolve - with the subject line “Capture - Usability” and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you.

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Thanks to those who’ve already responded. We really value your input :slight_smile:

Any more for anymore?

Drop us a line.

I came across this product and thought it might interest you. This creates a step by step click through for you. It’s super simple and the end product is great. Thought it might spark some inspiration if you are looking to change how it functions.

Thanks Derin, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Did anything become of this? I’d love to see Capture developed further - I have lots of notes with suggestions. As ever :wink:

@hbailey We’d love to hear them. This is still a project and any user feedback always appreciated.

Please email support and they’ll forward to the right person.

Thanks for your support and suggestions! :slight_smile: