Feedback/feature requests

Is there a feedback mechanism to ask Appititere for features/changes?

Hi @rbhartshorne - we have a thread we ask people to put enhancement requests into. As they come in they’re noted and passed to the team for consideration.

Branching Interactions

Setting up branching conversations, if you don’t select the correct path through the conversation (if there is a correct path), you can currently add a “Try again from the start” button. Could there also be a “Go back one step” button in future releases? This is more important when there are longer threads and routes through the conversation. You currently have to restart the whole conversation from the beginning, and it can be tricky remembering which options you’ve chosen previously, so you don’t keep failing.


Thanks Jo I have put it in the feature request bank!

Hi there,

have you considered adding another option to the activity timeline on the Evolve Dashboard:
“show activity from other users”?

Screenshot 2021-11-09 085036

I usually remember what I did with Evolve - I’m interested in seeing what others did :smiley:

Hey @Jo_S - you could always, for now, add another option to the available choices which says “Go back one step” and points back to the previous step?

I see what you mean - so instead of me or everyone, have me, and “everyone else” instead :slight_smile: I’ll suggest it!

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