How to request an enhancement to Evolve

We like to hear how you’re using Evolve and what features you’d like to see in the future.

If you have an idea for a killer feature then let us know in these forums.

Reply to this topic with your enhancement idea, how it might benefit the wider Evolve community, which component (if any) it would affect or how it might work if it’s a totally new component.

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I’m interested in a combination of Course assessment with (linked) confidence sliders. Learners would be able to think about their learning goals and reflect on their progress. When they do now, they miss an overview of these results. What do you think of this idea?


Hello Marleone, thanks for your suggestion. Have you taken a look at the Reflections extension as a way for your learners to look back at their progress?

Would be really great if we could select confidence slider components to display on the reflection document. Now it seems to work only with open input components.

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Would anyone be interested in a word search feature for the entire course (on all pages, articles, blocks and components as a group … instead of having to search per item?

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Is there a way to force input in an OpenInput component?
Currently all the learner has to do is click the Save button to advance.
How can we make sure that the learner makes an entry?

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Last one … for real :grinning:

Is there a way to disable articles, blocks or components to avoid long or involved actions during design/development only? Then re-enable them when ready.

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I’d submitted about 200 enhacement ideas through the poor support team (sorry Malcolm!) They must be sick of me by now.

Can’t wait to see the new text editor in 3.12, and look forward to more cool features coming soon :slight_smile:

Hi @barnetf you could use the content locking extension - this would allow you to lock articles and force input from the learner by linking unlocking to the open input.

@barnetf Do you mean hiding them or collapsing them while using the Evolve editor?

Thanks @Matt_C. I’ve got an audio component and an OpenInput component in the same block.
Completion status on the audio is set to “Play”.
The following article does use Content Locking:

  • Lock this content object is set
  • Locking type is set to Components
  • Select components - the OpenInput component is selected

I’m trying to force the audio to be played and input into the OpenInput component (can not be left empty).

I’m having difficulty working this out.

@Matt_C, I’m looking for a way to avoid executing a long or involved section (an article, block or component) while developing to save time. Is there a way to comment or “gray” it out until ready to turn it back on?

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In the editor no this isn’t currently possible. It is possible to jump from one article to the next or use the comments system to navigate directly to comments. @barnetf

Hi folks,
Is there a way to have content appear (fade in) automatically upon completion of the dialogue component?
I’d like to present a conversation between two people, then have a paragraph of text fade in to emphasise the point.

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Hello @benwebber

You could use Content locking and have the locked article unlock/appear on completion of the dialogue component.

To do this:

  • Create 2 articles on a page. 1 will hold the dialogue component and 1 for the text component.

  • Navigate to Extensions > Content Locking and enable it.

  • Navigate to the article containing the text component and under the Article settings select Content locking and choose the Dialogue component as the component that unlocks the article containing the text component.

  • You may also want to Disable Notify as well.
  • Finally under the Appearance settings you are able to select whether the article fades/blurs into view.

We have more animation work on our roadmap but I hope this work around helps in the meantime.

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Great thanks for the tip @appitierre!
THis works, but a cleaner experience is preferable. ie locked content completely invisible invisible and no icon at all. But this works for now.
Thanks again!

I will pass this along to our dev team for consideration @benwebber

Hi all, is there a way to control text margin on the rear of a flip card? It would be great to be able to reduce the container width depending on how much text you would like to present.

Hello Marleone,

I will pass your suggestion along to our developer team.

Here are a couple of enhancements I think would be very useful…

  1. Have a use count visible on each asset’s thumbnail in the library - that way I don’t have to click Edit Asset and go into usage each time to see if it’s actually used - just a count of the number of courses it appears in would be fine, that way if there are any images which are unused they can be removed

  2. Whenever you get question feedback or any sort of popup window, allow the user to lose it by just clicking/tapping outside of the popup area - much simpler than having to click a specific close button every time. Maybe give people the option in course settings to choose from having the close button or not?

  3. A fairly specific one - is it possible for you add the ability to have bulleted lists within table cells in the Table component? I like the component but it’s quite limited. Bullets, bold, italic - just simple formatting - would be very useful.

  4. In the info text when you are asked to upload an asset, just add the minimum sizes required e.g for graphics - so we can remember!

  5. A dev mode for assessments, where you can click a button to pass/fail for testing what happens after you complete an assessment without having to answer all the questions each time!

  6. Option to have the footer navigation attached to the bottom of the screen at all times instead of it just being at the bottom of each page.

  7. Have the option to HIDE any comp/block/article so it can remain in the builder but not be visible in the preview/published file

  8. it would be great when you use text as the buttons for the hotgraphic, if instead of having to change the text for a visited hotspot, if it could just change colour to show you have seen it, or maybe just have a tick icon appear next to it? Otherwise there’s no real indicator – and I don’t really want to change the text heading,

  9. Possible to have a “border” on images – so you can optionally set the colour, width, corner radius and shadow on/off of a graphic border in your theme (or have multiple graphic border styles you can set), then turn this on and off/choose a border for your graphics on each component.

  10. Link component title to block title and maybe block title to article title? Sometimes I just want one title to flow through – not necessarily for display but just for the progress menu maybe. If you could have a link icon next to titles which pulls the same title through from the parent that would save a lot of time!