Issue converting font

Hi everyone,

A client has given me a .ttf font file to upload to Evolve. I’m aware I need to package other font types with it, and I saw on the knowledge base I could use sites such as transfonter to generate the other font types to create a package to upload.

When I upload to transfonter (and the other sites recommended, I tried them all!) I get an error message saying the font file is corrupted. If I try to install it locally on my mac, no issues and I can use it in various applications. Same on the windows virtual machine I have installed.

I found a youtube video that shows how to uncorrupt a font file but when I try to upload it to the site recommended Glyphr Studio I get the error message “font doesn’t contain true type or CFF outlines”

While this isn’t exclusively an Evolve issue, I wondered if anyone had a similar experience and if you managed to solve it!

Its a variable font, could that be causing issues?