Open input 'clear' button

So some user testing found that a lot of people were accidentally pressing the ‘clear’ button instead of the save/submit button after inputting text. 7/10 users reported this independently of each other.

One user suggested removing the clear button altogether (which we can’t currently do inside the evolve editor). My immediate reaction was that it is probably needed, but on closer inspection, you can just click into the text box again and edit/delete your own answer, so an additional ‘clear’ button is kind of redundant from what I can tell. Few other forms you see on the web have a ‘clear’ button when you can already just click inside and edit/delete your own input.

Could we remove / or give the option of hiding it?

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That’s very useful feedback, thanks @Ruppers

I think the ‘Clear’ button is of more use on touch-only devices where deleting large chunks of text isn’t as easy as it is on desktop. So maybe an option to hide it on desktop devices only would work?

Sounds good @Matt_Leathes