Confusing issues need addressing ASAP

Hi Evolve,

Love the authoring tool. I’m wondering whether the tool needs to be assessed by an Instructional designer, developer or graphic designer.

There are some obvious issues in the tool which should be corrected asap.

  • Global exit button (i have multiple clients complaining about their employees not know where to click after they finish the assessment) I don’t think chucking a close module button in an area outside of the assessment is sufficient enough as the learner may want to exit at any time. Please create a button which can sit in the navigation to exit the course

  • Results dialogue panel when the assessment is failed or passed needs to be given more thought. I should be able to show/hide any elements within this. The ‘average attempts taken’ is also confusing.

  • If I close the assessment dialogue panel after failing, I have to navigate via the menu to the assessment page to find the retake assessment button!!

These are all very confusing for learners and even hard for me to explain why it, unfortunately, works in this way as it isn’t very intuitive at all.

thanks for your time