Remove feedback from MCQ Questions


Pretty new to using evolve and I’m looking to see if I can remove feedback from the MCQ questions completely?

I’ve been able to remove the feedback button but it still comes up with the pop-up after each question.

Hi Holly, can I ask what the use case is for this? Is it because the questions are part of an assessment and you dont want to provide feedback because it’s a test?

Hi Sam,

It would be because it is part of a test and we would want to encourage learners to go back over the other sections of training to find the answers rather than just keep guessing on the questions they have gotten incorrect.


Thanks Holly, there are actually settings specific to this in the Course Assessment extension. As long as the question is set to be included in a Course Assessment, you can have these settings toggled in this way. These can be found in Course Assessment > Behaviour > Assessment Questions
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 10.03.46

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