Text fields - hidden content disappears

Hi All

I am looking for some help because I’m not sure what to do.

When using the text field component. We ask for the learners to input an answer and then upon selecting submit, the answer is revealed (in a hidden block). This is done using a trigger (when component complete, then reveal the hidden block).

However when a user is completing the module, if they revisit a section (that could be from within the module or following them exiting and returning to it later) where content has been revealed in this way, then:

  • the text field is empty (no answer saved) and de-active (greyed out)
  • the content which had been revealed has been hidden again

In order to get the content visible again, we have to include the edit option for the text field and the learner would have to resubmit to re-reveal the hidden block.

I have asked our LMS provider and they have said that this is working to be expected with SCORM 1.2. And I have also now found out they don’t support the cmi.mode (review mode).

Is it because the cmi.mode isn’t supported that content revealed by a trigger doesn’t remain revealed? Or is it another reason related to how the triggers are used?

Any help would be gratefully received.


Hi @BexHS

So, the problem with SCORM 1.2 is that it was specced out back in 2001 - basically a lifetime ago in tech time - and so has some very limiting requirements, particularly around how much data you can store for each course (a measly 4096 characters).

So clearly if Evolve by default allowed user input to be stored, that data would quickly get used up.

There is, however, a ‘use advanced tracking’ option you can enable to tell Evolve to track additional info such as whether content has been hidden or not. AFAIK it still won’t remember the learner’s input, if that’s vital then i think maybe the Local Storage extension will allow for that.

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Hi Matt, thanks for the response. I tested the advanced tracking and it has helped.