Local Storage customisation

When using the Local Storage extension, course progress data and text input data are stored between sessions using a browser cookie.

The vast majority of the time, we only really need the extension to store text input between sessions, since the LMS and other course features already do a fine job of tracking and displaying progress.

Having the Local Storage extension store progress data can be quite confusing when:

  • Testing different versions of the same course
  • Updating or re-versioning a course on an LMS

Would it be possible to have a toggle to select whether local storage should track progress or only save user’s text inputs/question responses? It would really help reduce confusion!


Had a problem where the newly published SCORM was still showing all the same user progress data as the previous SCORM file. Duplicating the course seemed to get around that. I guess duplicating the course meant it was looking for a cookie with a different ID and ignoring the old one that was still saved in people’s cache.

Would still be much easier if we could specify what should be saved and what shouldn’t! Sharing incase it helps anyone else…

Yes that’s correct, although the data is stored in Local Storage not a cookie. You can actually see the data it’s storing using the browser’s developer tools if you want - and you can also use that to delete the stored data.

In Chrome it’s under the Application section of the developer tools:

You can clear all the data stored against the current domain by right-clicking and selecting Clear (as shown above) or for an individual course by right-clicking the relevant entry (under where it says Key).

The process is pretty similar for Firefox only it’s under Storage in the developer tools.

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