Cross device progress tracking

Perhaps this is a general uncertainty about how SCORM works.
If I attend a course on my computer, let’s say with a course progress of 50% and later on another device, e.g. on a smartphone call up the course again from my LMS, can I see my course progress on the second device? As I have tested it so far, it shows me the course with 0% processing status. As the name suggests, the Extension “Local Storage” stores progress locally only.
Especially with a longer course, which I cannot complete in one session, this would be very sobering. Is there a technical solution for this?

If you publish to SCORM then as long as you put the course on an LMS which can record the course progress (and you have told it to do so), whether you access the course on a different browser or device, your progress will be resumed no matter what (barring a communication error with the server etc).

Your progress will be reinstated, but if you want to CONTINUE from where you left off as soon as the course loads (and not find where where you were, then make sure you use the Bookmarking Extension in the course, which will ask if you want to go back to where you were.

Local Storage can be used if you do not have an LMS, but the learner must continue to use the same device and browser to retain their progress.