Local Storage Extension and LMS


Does anyone know whether the local storage extension conflicts with how the user’s data is saved in your LMS? We are using Intellum Exceed. We want to ensure that data isn’t sometimes saved to a browser and other times saved to the LMS.

I’m trying to understand how this extension truly works. I created a course with the local storage, reflections and bookmarking extensions toggled on. I published a course and tried to complete it. When I logged back in it saved my progress and my reflection, as expected. But when I logged in on another browser, that information wasn’t there. Same thing happened when I tried to change an answer on one browser, then log in on another my change wasn’t there.

I’m trying to find out how to work with this and understand how this all works.

Any ideas or workarounds for this?

Hey there sbaum,

The data for local storage is stored within the browser in an unrestricted cookie (that has more capacity for data and shouldn’t get cleared if you clear standard cookies, but will if you clear cache), thus keeping all of your bookmarking, reflections, inputs and answers stored.

Therefore the course user will have to use the same browser on the same device each time they want to access the course.

I hope that clears things up a little?!

Hi Helen-

Thanks, yes…that does answer my question. If I have reflections toggled on, but the local data toggled off, where are my reflections “stored?” For example, if I fill in a reflection, leave the course (have bookmarking toggled on) and go back in, my reflection isn’t saved. Am I missing something? Do I HAVE to use local storage to make Reflections work?

I’m so glad you’re part of the team…you’ve made such a huge positive impact in terms of knowledge and understanding!



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Hello Sue,

Firstly thank you so much for that kind comment - it really made me smile this morning! I’m very glad that I am making an impact and helping out as that is my passion!

Secondly, yes you must have some sort of storage for answers to be saved or they are just processed during the current session to produce the document but not stored if you leave before that document is downloaded, or if you leave and come back in for any reason.

A published course has no save capability which is why you either need to publish to an LMS, LRS or similar, or use the Local Storage extension which was added for this purpose.