Too large to publish in SCORM cloud

When I uploaded my course on Cloud SCORM it said “File size cannot be greater than 100MB for trial accounts”. A similar message from AWL.

Is there any way for me to decrease the size of my course?

Hi Mrjo,

Two things I’d check to decrease course sizes.

  1. Are all of the images compressed for web? If not run them through tiny or (Tinypng allows batch processing)
  2. Does the course have embedded video? If yes, shift them over to a video hosting platform like Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, etc and use the Stream component instead of the media component.

Optimising any mp4 videos in your course can also help. I see a lot of courses with full-HD 1080p video with stereo sound at 256kbps, which will be wasted (and just take up valuable space and bandwidth) on most learners’ computers.


Also check for any hidden or disabled content in your course - even if disabled it will bring in any content (images, videos etc) with it that you might not need - so if you really don’t need something delete it from the course rather than Disable.

If possible, host your media (images, videos, audio, etc.) externally somewhere, e.g., an AWS bucket, and then link to their URLs from within their respective components in the course.

This greatly reduces file-size and “feels” faster when launched in the LMS. It also allows you to retain the full-quality image or video you have linked to.

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