Full resolution images in published course


Is there a reason that full resolution images (in the asset folder as uploaded.jpg) are included in published courses?

It makes the downloaded zip pretty big.

Doesn’t that undermine the inbuilt image re-sizing features (which are a great improvement over Adapt btw)?

It would be nice to upload big images to crop and resize and only have the optimised images in the zip package.

Is there an option to do this already maybe?


This is a good point, Joe and maybe a feature request for Evolve?
I have not found a way of removing the originals from the .zip folder.

What I do to prep the images for upload as original assets, is to Save them for Web (.JPEG) in Photoshop, which results in a smaller image to begin with. I used to work with full size .PNGs, but had to scale this down as the SCORM .zips were huge (2GB and higher).

I look forward to hearing how others address this in their courses.


We have definitely seen that as well. One of our courses, that had a lot of images, was nearly 200 MB!

Unfortunately, although I think Evolve does some minor “optimisation” to your included assets when Publishing (I actually find the image quality goes down), the Graphic Components allow you to toggle on “External Image?”

With that on, you can point straight to an image hosted in AWS, or a similar cloud-based service, and it seems only to grab and display that asset when the course is opened rather than saving copies of all your images in the ZIP folder it Publishes as.

This can greatly reduce the file size of a course that has a lot of Graphics, but unfortunately requires you to potentially pay for a service to host your images somewhere else.

The only other “solution” we used prior to this was to manually run any Graphics through a free online Photo Resizing tool e.g. https://www.photoenlarger.com/

There, you can easily set the width of your image to the minimum Evolve-recommended 1024 pixels, and thus reduce the file size of each asset before upload / use if they are quite large. In addition to this, you can then run it through https://imagecompressor.com/ to further reduce the file size while maintaining a certain level of quality.

Looks like it might be worth a support request, to at least have an option on publish to include original images or not. I’ll do that now.

I’ll post back here if there is a compelling reason the original images are published.

I have also noted that in the export SCORM packages, some images are repeated several times, in several folder, which increases the size of the export ! I wish I could know how to delete these doubles.

Hi indusmakers,

This should not be happening as every individual asset has a new ID - is it possible that you have some hidden or disabled blocks with images in them and they are the same as other assets? - If this is not the case would you be able to send the scorm file to support@intellum.com along with the URL of your evolve course, and let them know what is happening, so they can take a look?

Thank you