Exporting a Course so your client can edit it themselves

Hi everyone… I’ve finally finished my very first course in this tool… I have to say it was not an easy process… but the client is very happy with the way it looks and performs. They have, however asked for the “working files” so they can make changes further down the line. This is because they are a public sector org and things change all the time… so they’d rather do that themselves… mainly just for video urls that may change.

Could anyone give some advice on providing the “working files” so they can do this? I wasn’t sure that exporting the scorm file was the right thing… so if anyone can point me to the right article/post or indeed just let me know I would be eternally grateful…

Thanks all


Hello Doug,
This article (Importing an Evolve Course) should be helpful as it outlines how to share and import Evolve content. The caveat is - the client will need access to their own Evolve subscription to edit the content unless they want to do so by updating the output code directly.


Thanks! I’ll check that out. :slight_smile:

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If I were the client, I’d also want any files you used to create the multimedia assets before you loaded them into Evolve – things like Photoshop projects, video editing project files, source footage, etc. But for the Evolve course itself, you should be able to just follow the docs above.

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Hi Ted,

Shouldn’t a person be able to extract (download) any images from Evolve as well?

Thanks for your knowledge and insights here. I can see there are images in my evolve courses I inherited, and I assumed that although I can’t find the original assets I should be able to extract them from Evolve without degradation of the image.
Is this correct?

Hi Bethann,
Yes, that’s correct.

The images you upload into your Evolve course will be the “finished” versions, exported from any graphics program you use to create them, usually in JPEG or PNG format so they can be delivered quickly over the web. Those can be downloaded with the exported course and re-imported into another course, no problem.

What I’m talking about are the project files from apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Camtasia – the types of programs that MAKE the files you use in your Evolve course. If you have a professional vendor creating custom graphics or video assets for you, it’s good practice to get these source project files back from the vendor so you can make edits and updates to them yourself in the future. A few years down the road when you need to revise the course, make small changes, etc. – it’s much easier if you have these source project files because they’re easier to edit. The final JPEGS and PNG are “flattened”, which makes editing them later much more difficult. Also, those flattened files used in your course are often lower resolution than the original project files, so you’ll have a harder time making them larger in a few years when screens are all much higher resolution than they are now. These project files are never uploaded into Evolve, so they would not be included in any course export file.

Reputable vendors will give you these files if you ask, but often they won’t offer to give them to you because it’s a minor hassle to package them up and send them. If you’re commissioning a work for hire, you’re entirely within your rights to request them though.

Make sense?

Hello! Are there any updates to this question? I tried to follow the link given but Evolve has changed their platforms since to it didn’t load the same page. I too have been asked by my client for working files, but unsure on how to do this.

Hey riona,

Our Knowledge base has moved to our new site now.

The page you want is located here.

You can export and import Evolve courses into any Evolve Instance, and the assets will go with them.