Tmeout in your LMS issue (also submitted via Support)

We have a long course which we envisage it taking people a few hours to complete. Whilst yes they can close it and come back any time, if they either choose to power through, or they leave the course open while they go away and have lunch for example and then come back and carry on, in the meantime Moodle will have timed out (two hours) in the other tab (as our courses are forced to open in a new tab in order to display nicely) yet the course window shows no sign of this.

What we discovered today is that once this happens, when you move to a new page of the course the images on that page do not appear (and any subsequent pages you haven’t yet opened). The other problem is that any progress you make in the course since the Moodle window login expired is lost.

What we suggest is a built-in course timer, that can be set to a certain time to pop up and warn users that it has been open for almost that length of time, and that when that time is over this course will not display correctly and any further progress will be lost. (perhaps with a further box that the course editor can use to tell the user exactly what they need to do to rectify this situation.

Moodle DOES give you a timeout warning, but because that is only shown in the other tab where your course was loaded out of, you are unaware until it is too late.

Any other experiences of this?

Hi @hbailey did you receive any helpful answer from the support team? We are actually facing some similar issues with the timeout and the progress not beeing reported to the LMS. If you have any solution, please let me know, it would be very much appreciated!

Hi there!

No they did say that the timeout on Moodle could be increased but I left before that happened. If you have admin access over your LMS then it might be possible!

If you are able to launch your course inline and not in a popup window that might also be a way round it.

ALl I could do was put a big notice at the start of the course saying if you have this open for longer than 2 hours please quit and resume!

Sorry nothing more useful than that.