Adding a timeout warning

Hi everyone,

We have a client that needs to track the time that learners spend in their courses.
However, they noticed that some people spent 7h with the course open - the LMS they are using has an 8h timeout that can’t be adjusted by course.
We wanted to know if it was possible to implement a timeout warning in Evolve courses - for example, after 5 minutes without interacting with the course, a pop up opens with the question “Are you still there?” - and if no answer is given, it cuts the connection with the API.

Is this even possible?
Many thanks!

Hi @SilviaD , unfortunately there’s isn’t a way to do that in Evolve, but I would have thought the LMS itself would have that capability?

Hi Sam,

That’s what I thought, thank you.

The LMS does have,that capability, but it changes the timeout duration for the whole LMS, and not just these specific courses where time spent is an important indicator.

@SilviaD Evolve’s SCORM code has timer that triggers a ‘save’ of all tracking data to the LMS every 10 mins. That might well prevent the LMS from timing out.

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@Matt_Leathes thank you! I’m going to check that :slight_smile:

SilviaD – Hi – not sure this’ll work, but Evolve variables can be increased or decreased with a delay in milliseconds. Might be possible to start a timer when a page loads by setting a variable and then having a trigger decrement it every 1000 milliseconds until five minutes have elapsed. You could then use another trigger to display the warning content when the elapsed variable value reached zero. Love to hear thoughts on this. The only issue I see is that the timer running may, itself, actually constitute ‘activity,’ so you’d need to play around with this… find a trigger (time on a page, time in a component) that would work.

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