Text and graphic order on mobile

Hi all,

Quick question - when using the Text and Graphic component how do you adjust the location of the image for mobile? If it’s set to the right of the text for desktop, when previewing for mobile it sits underneath the text whereas I’d like it to sit above.

I know there is the option in the block to reverse the order of components for mobile, but I can’t find a similar option in the Text and Graphic behaviour. Unfortunately I can’t use individual text and graphic components as the styling break 2 components up onto two separate cards which I dont want.

Any ideas?

Hi there, from my experience, as long as you haven’t got ‘Position Image/Icon at the Bottom’ toggled on for each T&G item, and have ‘Column Layout’ in Behaviour toggled on, the default position of the graphic on mobile is above the text.

Thanks for the reply Sam,

Oddly I’m not getting the same results as you describe - I’m still getting the graphic below the text despite the changes suggested.

The only means by which I get the image at the top on mobile is by either having the image set to left if using 1 item, or if using columns and 2 items, by positioning the image item on the left.

This is a suitable solution for now and Ill keep investigating. Thanks again for your time