Problem with course appearance on mobile device compared to desktop

Hi. I wonder if someone could help me, please. I have a small course created on a desktop PC. There are a couple of times where I used the component to house a graphic with text overlaid. I have set the course to use a different sized images for mobile and tablet devices. And I’ve changed the text appearance settings so desktop is different to mobile and tablet. However, I just can’t get it to look right on a mobile - the text is still massive and exceeds the image area. It looks really poor and I’d like to make the course look good regardless of what device the end user views it with. Can anyone advise where I am going wrong?

Hi Tim, is it possible that your Component Item theme settings are overriding your component settings?
Try adjusting the text sizes in the theme setting in the section I have screenshotted below. Am I right in thinking you are using the Text and Graphic component?

Not sure TBH @Tim_Ash - I’ve just set this up in a test course and it all works fine for me. The settings in your screenshot should override the Component Item Text Styles in the theme - they certainly do for me, even if using Article Styles.

I tested it using the ‘device emulation’ built into Chrome and on an actual phone (iPhone SE 2020)

Thanks both. I just couldn’t get it to work so in the end I had to change my plans. I just used a graphic, and added the text I want beneath it, in a caption. Not ideal, but cannot get the damn thing to work so my hand was forced. Thanks for the advice, both.