Switching component position based on device - Feature request

I’ve created a number of courses where on desktop the design requires alternating articles of text and graphic. So in one article, there is text on the left, image of the right. In the next article the text is on the right and the image is on the left. Whilst this works on desktop, when going to mobile the layout breaks as you end up with two images together or two blocks of text.

Could a feature be added so when using text and graphic the position can be adjusted based on device?

If there is already a way can someone let me know? Many thanks!

We do have that option already!

In the block containing the text and graphic components that you want to have in the OTHER order, under the Appearance tab select “Reverse order” for the option for Reverse Component Order on Mobile/Tablet? as seen below:


We also have a feature coming where you can totally change what is displayed when you go to mobile or tablet view compared to desktop (shhh don’t tell!)

How have I never known about that! That’s perfect, thanks for taking the time to point it out.

Interesting to see the new features too

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