Flip Card Item Content Alignment - Different for front and back


Can we have the option to set the flip card alignment of the front and back differently, please?

I would like to have the text on the front aligned to the top so that I can title it with the content of the images appearing underneath. Then I would like to center align the back of the card as it looks nicer when there are differing amounts of text for each card.

Many thanks.


Just throwing in another vote for this


Me again!

I was halfway through writing another feature request for this when I was reminded I had contributed to one a while ago already. This would still be very valuable and we come up against this problem regularly.

It would be really useful to be able to set the text alignment on the front card and back of card text independently because I’d argue people are more likely to use a glossy image on the front of the card. Wherever text sits on top of a glossy image, it’s helpful to have some different positioning options.

I’ve put in a vote for this too with the team, as it’s something that I have found a blocker in the past.