Flipcards (article styles front/back text)

Most components that have ‘items’ have component item title text and component item body text which can be controlled individually within an article style. This works really well but flipcards work differently. Instead of item title text or item body text, they have ‘front text’ and ‘back text’ which are both controlled by Component Item Content Body Text in the theme.

Let’s say you want the front of the card to have a ‘title’ of some kind using a font family you’ve consistently used for titles in the rest of the course, and a different font style that’s better suited to more detailed content on the back. This isn’t possible because both sides are controlled by a single field in the theme and you can’t change the font family from inside the text editor.

Admittedly you can change size, colour or bold the font on each individual card, and that’s an OK workaround here and there. But the more cards you use (and the more times you have to tweak the font sizes to optimise for different language versions), the more impractical this is.

So, would it be possible to add ‘front text’ and ‘back text’ as a field in the theme? These could still be overridden on individual cards, it would just make global changes much easier.

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Hi @Ruppers it’s a fair point, I will raise it with the team - thanks-Sam

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