Small Graphic - unable to see this option


I’ve seen the option to add a ‘Small Graphic’ in one of the video guides within the ‘Text and Graphic’ component, but that option doesn’t appear to be available to me.

I’m only seeing the ‘Image’ section which seems to add the image at full size (far too big).

Perhaps I’m missing something simple, so any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Lee!

Since the video the terminlogy has changed a little. When you are in your T&G item, you need to turn on “Set Image Per Device Size” which will open up more options for you to then display a different image for Large (Desktop), Medium (Table) and Small (Mobile) display as you wish.

I hope that helps.

Hey Helen! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, that makes sense!

I was having particular trouble using a ‘Character’ image where the person had to be 3000+ px tall to meet the recommended 1024 px wide…ha ha. This meant the person was absolutely huge, alonside a little paragraph of text.

What I’ve done to get around that is overlay the person onto a background image that is 1024 px wide and that seems to have helped.

It’s a workaround at least for the particular issue I was having.

Thanks so much for coming back to me and helping!


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Did you try putting your image to the left or right of the text, if it’s a tall one?

Hi again Helen :slight_smile:

I did, but it didn’t resize the image for some reason. I used Snagit Editor to resize the image though, and it now seems to be playing nicely!

Thanks for your help and support, I really appreciate it.


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