Tablet displaying desktop version of an image


I’ve noticed that the Image Advanced Settings work for device width only and not actually for a specified device type.

This means that in some cases, we have an image that appears on an iPad when viewed in landscape view when we would rather it did not appear at all, as it’s being cut off.

Is there any way to either set the breakpoints when an image is switched to the ‘tablet’ version, or for our chosen tablet image to actually appear on the tablet?

I sometimes change the CSS after publishing but cannot see how to do this with background images.



Hi Barry, and Happy New Year!
I see what you are saying, and device size is something we have talked about, but there are no current plans to change how it works - but I will raise with the team.

I think there might be a bit of a convoluted workaround. You could set up a trigger with ‘Device sized changed’ as the event, set it to Medium, and have a second instance of the component with no image that’s previously hidden - set that one to show, and set the original component to hide. In that circumstance the learner would see the no image component and not the original. I THINK that would work!

Thanks Sam. Happy New Year to you too.

In this case, it’s the Menu Hero image that isn’t quite working as we’d like, so your workaround doesn’t apply. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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