Graphics aren't the right size - THIS IS A REAL PAIN

I get it. There’s a diagram posted somewhere here that shows what size YOU want graphics to be. But what if I don’t want my picture to be F’ing huge and take up the entire screen?? There’s that.
Then there’s the not telling us what size it needs to be - that’d be helpful. Again, I get that you’ve posted that here, but how about doing us a solid and making the system helpful?
Better yet, how about saying - it looks like your graphic is low resolution and may display like crap, do you wish to proceed?
Instead of saying, you F!d up and uploaded a graphic we don’t like. Don’t worry, we’ve still uploaded it to your asset library, where is utterly useless because we’ve determined it’s the wrong size, but it’s still there cluttering up your library for all your users. I get it, I can go into my asset library and replace it with a graphic that is the size that YOU want, but then I have to exit my component and my course to go do that. This is a HUGE gap in your UX. And most importantly, how about letting me decide what size I want things to display - even if they look like crap. Let me make that call. Or just display it at 100% of the original size. If that doesn’t work, update your code.

@Steve I am sorry that you’re experiencing issues with your graphics and thank you for your feedback.

Although you mention that you’re aware of the image sizes Evolve takes I’ll reiterate them here for reference:

512px - Small
1024px - Large
1440px - Extra large

Here’s a link to the relevant post on the community as well:

For internet use images should be a minimum of 72 dpi and we suggest making sure that any image you upload is at the minimum width for it’s intended use.

I have passed your suggestions along to the development team and we have planned work on the image UX and workflow scheduled for later in the year. We have taken on board your suggestion about being able to specify that you wish to use the original image size as opposed to one Evolve suggests.

Thank you.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your post. As you can see Matt has done his best to reply to you.

I’m Wes, one of the Co-founders of the Company that creates Evolve.

You make some good points, but you’ve been really hostile in how you’ve gone about it. You’ve also broken the rules of this community by being rude.

“Again, I get that you’ve posted that here, but how about doing us a solid and making the system helpful?”

We didn’t set out to make the system unhelpful, so that is rude.

I see you’ve logged 1 support issue about this a while ago, which we answered but you didn’t reply to us. We’ve also been as helpful as possible from what I can see on all your other queries.

We’re not a huge corporate, we’re a group of people who happen to be software developers and professionals that love what we do.

I could almost understand this tone if a company hadn’t been helpful ongoing, but every time you’ve contacted us we’ve done our best to suggest the right way, and you’ve never replied to say otherwise.

This type of tone is disrespectful. Beyond banning you from this community, If you can’t control your frustration outbursts I will refund your license payments and give you your courses and data.

We want you to be customer, but you need to speak to us in a way you’d like to be spoken to.

In summary, your choice. You can be constructive, give us feedback and we will do our very best to help you, or be rude and go and use something else.

Many Thanks


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Hey Wes,
You’re totally right - I was an ass. A frustrated ass, but an ass none the less. My apologies to you and your team. My tone and comments were inappropriate.