Showing score at top of page

Hi all,

I’m making a single page module and would like to record and show a user’s score at the top of the page, and that score stay at the top of the page in a fixed header.

I’ve tried using the ‘Achievements’ extension, that does show the score at the top of the page, but it’s not fixed to the top of the page and scrolls out of view.

I could record and show scores via logic but I don’t know how I could put that into a header.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome!



Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way of doing this as Variables can’t be inserted into display Titles.

Otherwise, you could display the Course Title using Appearance > Navigation > Navigation Title > Enable to display the course title in the navigation bar, as this is something that stays on screen even when scrolling:

You may have to send a feature request to Evolve about allowing insertion of Variables into Titles, if it is at all possible.

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