Show points without navigating to the achievements page


A quick question to see if this is possible. I’m using achievements and points and showing the points earned in the top navigation bar per this image. I’d like the XP=xx to not navigate to the achievements page when clicked because there’s no obvious way back if someone accidentally clicks it. Can that be done? Or is there an alternative way to show points that isn’t also a navigation button?

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I never found an existing thing in-product but I did devise a workaround by mimicking the “score” counter.

Create your own variable and have the trigger be:

Event = Components Correct
Condition = Match Any (here, you have each question in a component)
Action = Increase Variable by Value X

Several catches here, though. As I wanted to express a percentage, I had to have an amount of questions that would easily divide into 100. In this example, 25 questions, so that the variable (X) would increase by 4 each time an answer was correct.

With some creative finagling of Graphics and Text, I basically mimicked what the components on a results page would look like on my own “Dashboard” for a learner to navigate to whenever they wanted:

I think this work was borne out of only being allowed a single Assessment in a course, so I made this “dummy” assessment as well because I wanted two: A Pre-Assessment to give you a benchmark of where your knowledge is at before taking the course, and then the “normal” assessment using the appropriate components and extensions at the end. There, you would have a direct comparison of how much you’ve (hopefully) improved.

Thanks for the insight. It’s certainly a useful way to tackle it.
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