Using logic/variable to show cumulative scores across categories at end of activity

Hi all - Just need a push in the right direction for this.
I want to set up an activity which is similar to a personality quiz - learners complete a series of questions, with each answer adding to a cumulative total across four possible outcomes/categories. Once the questions are complete, the totals for each of the four outcomes/categories are called and displayed on a results page.
I assumed I would use variables to track the responses, I am just not quite sure how to then call the variables to trigger the results page.
Thanks in advance.

I just realised I would call the variable in the text. Is there anyway to call an element which clearly shows the weighing of the categories, ranks them or indicated the top response category?

Hi @Mitch , the only way to approximate what you are asking that I can think of would be to use logic to do something like:

-if a variable is a certain number, it displays a previously hidden piece of content.

So if you knew exactly which number would have to be reached by the learner for it to be classed as the top response category, then you could display that hidden piece of content informing the learner.

But I’m afraid there’s no functionality to easily display the variables in the way you are asking.