Multiple questions in a quiz

Is there any way I can set up more than one question in the same quiz - I can’t for the life of me work it out.
Ideally, it would be great for the questions to “slide” inline - I want to be able to ask a series of 10 questions from a bank, but not for those 10 questions to take up a scroll of death on the page… similar to what the game feature does but without opening a new window…

Hi Tracy, you could use logic triggers to show and hide the questions - will take a bit of setting up, but would achieve what you are after I believe. Alternatively, just spread the questions over several pages so there’s less vertical scrolling.

For the logic set up, you would need a series of triggers set up like this. You would need to hide (for example) questions 2-10, and these triggers would mean as the learner completed one question, the next one would be revealed the the one just answered would be hidden:

Thanks for your reply Sam. I’ll give that logic set up a go.

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You could also consider using the ‘Branching’ component. You’ve the option to disclose the answer right away or once the learner has answered all the questions. I recently used it for one of my courses, and it worked very well.


@Punam - that’s a great suggestion! Thanks. :slight_smile: