Branching: Saving score to variable issue

In a Branching I have “Save Score to Variable?” on, with the score saved to a variable called “vScore” (type = number).

I want to insert the vScore variable into various sentences in my Branching. When I try this it always says “0”.

While I am developing I have “Display Score?” set to “On”, and that is showing the score OK. BTW “Display Score?” is useful while developing but it won’t be sufficient for this project. I need to insert the score into text.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

I’m not sure what you’ve tried so far. However, in your tool bar you should be able to click the lightning bolt and then select vscore from your list of variables. Hope that helps.

Hi Robin. Yes I have tried that. The issue is that the score is not updating. It always says “0”.

Ok, I think the logic around the score may need to be triggered differently. I set up a quick example, with 2 triggers stating when choice 1 is selected the score variable changes to 1 and when choice 2 is selected the score variable changes to 2. I then added a text component below with the lightning bolt for Score and it starts at zero and changes to 1 or 2 when the triggered action occurred.


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Thanks Robin, I will look into that!

Hi there,

If you’re still struggling - send me the URL of your course and I can take a look.