Reset progress on checklist if unticked

Hi there,

I am using the checklist component as a policy sign-off for our team members. Once they have ticked both options, the progress will be set to 100% and they will be signed off. However, if they have ticked an option, but then decide to untick it, I would need the progress to go back to being incomplete; but it currently only picks up on the initial ticks and still shows as 100%.

Is there any way around this, say using triggers? Thanks!

Hi @olivianoctor - the only way I can think to do it is to have an action button beneath the checklist labelled something like ‘amend your choices’ and that has a logic trigger associated with it set to ‘reset components’. One thing to bear in mind - you can only reset the whole component, so if you had two checklist items they would both be reset.

Hi Sam,

Just tried this and it’s exactly what I was after - thank you!

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