Movement of one block to another Page

Is there an option to move one block/component from one Page to another Page?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, in the new Editor UI you can just drag and drop pages/articles/blocks/components to move them around in the course structure.

To get to the new Editor UI you can either click the blue ‘Edit in New Editor (Beta)’ button in the courses list:

Or, if you are already editing the course, there’s a purple button you can use to open that course in the new editor:
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 10.19.47

I am using the latest version. Can you please specify what are the steps as its only allowing me to move within a Page. Appreciate your guidance in this.


Thanks Matte. This helps a lot.

Matte, can you also look into a wierd issue I have come across. One of my Page header has more height than the other headers. Is there an option to set the individual page header dimensions?
Thanks in advance.

@Matt_Leathes this is the query Joy is referring to… Page Header Sizing - #3 by joy

Thanks a lot for pitching in Helen :slight_smile:

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