Map menu - Responsive

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there are plans for the Map Menu to be made responsive, or if an alternative menu could be served for mobile? Perhaps using the box menu instead.

Also, will it be possible to turn off the draggable setting of the background image?

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Barry, Did you get anywhere with a responsive map menu?

Hi Amanda, no I didn’t find a solution for this so never used the Map menu in the end. It’s a shame as it looks great on a deskop but is not suitable for a phone.

Yes, a shame they haven’t made it responsive. I’m curious why.
I am looking at an alternate solution to the map menu which is using the infographic, adding an item for navigation purposes in the Infographic editor, set the item Interaction Type to Navigation, enable the ability to include a Link to part of the course, then choose what you want to target, and select your Link Target from the menu.
I’ll let you know how this goes.